Your Questions About Water Fountains Outdoor Gardens

Maria asks…

How can I power a small fountain/pump 50 ft from an outlet?

I am making a 25-30 gallon container water garden with a couple goldfish. I would like to have a filter/fountain in it, but where it will be is 50′ from the closest electrical outlet. A solar fountain is out of budget, so I would like to run an outdoor extension cord under the ground. Years ago, my Dad ran two 100′ unprotected outdoor cords between two houses and left it there for about 5 years without problems. But my situation is a little different. It will be underground, and it will be running almost constantly. Is this feasible? If so, how can I protect the plug at the pump? Electrical tape?

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Your Questions About Water Fountains

Michael asks…

Water fountains?

Can I just get the money out of the water fountain?
Would security send me to jail for this?

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Your Questions About Water Fountains Outdoor

Daniel asks…

Did I accidentally drink contaminated water?

Today was field day at my school and I needed a drink so I went to the outdoor water fountain. When I got home I got a major headache and I feel really nauseous. Do you think something may have been contaminated?

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Your Questions About Outdoor Water Fountains With Lights

Laura asks…

What happened to us with the advancing technologies and electronics?

Texting, Facebook chat, Facebook messaging, e-mails, Amazon Kindle, Nook, listening to nature voices of the wild… On an Iphone or ipod touch!
I know that it’s all for the sake of being eco-friendly and helping trees.
Therefore, beyond this thought, have your mind ever scrutinize at the electric privileges and think for once that these inventions are sabotaging out outings and adventurous spirits and real life?
Look. People are shopping on the internet! What happened to the regular shopping in those malls, seeing the mall’s gardens and water fountains and the glory of evening lights right outside?
Mountain climbing, surfing, holding a thick library book, seeing the broadway show, talking face to face…. I miss that. Most of those outdoor activities are put into video games, creating an artificial excercise. People are even hula hooping or dancing in front of a video game these days!
As for talking people face to face, isn’t traveling the original way? Instead of looking through a labtop screen with your earplugs.
Remember to not be so into technology even though it’s making our lives easier, such as researching ’cause there are evildoers out there seeking for a prey to confess their home on the internet. How dangerous.
Less people are on the streets and less meetings are made outside. All b/c of the computer. Soon, more people will probably wear thick eyeglasses or contacts, whichever.
Teachers went from the blackbaord and chalk to the expo dry erase board and markers to the Promethian board that uses electricity to write!
What happened to our Earth and our people?

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Your Questions About Indoor Water Fountains

James asks…

How bad is this water to drink?

ok so ive been filling a water bottle up at my college out of water fountains and if you smell the water it has that smell of when you walk into an indoor pool (no exaggeration at all) i was just wondering how bad would this be for you

i mean it cant be good for you right?
ok i forgot to mention i know its chlorine but how bad would this be for my health

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Add Personality And Beauty To Your Outside And Inside Environment With Water Fountains.

Use your own ideas of how you want your house to look to establish which options are best for you personally. There's no formula or science to selecting the best water fountains for your house. Regardless of what style you select, there'll be a considerable number of fountains from which you can select. There are fountains available in recent styles, country and natural styles, and classic styles also. It also shows the melodramatic end result as it has got a dimmer which uses to fix the coloration of the fountain. It is composed of one switch which gearshift both lights and water flow suitable to the non-technical.

It can be simply installed. If you're planning for such kind of ornamental items, just go and make the trendy part of your office or home. It is just designed for keeping up the standing of folk. This gives this actual appliance extraordinary power. It also contains a smart chip that's in-built, that can decide the power load on the appliance, dependent on the quantity of pressure that's applied to the blades. The Velocity – The rate of the Breville 800JEXL is virtually three times quicker than most juicer machines. The motor linked with this 800JEXL juicer is equivalent to that of the commercial juicers, although it's a household appliance.

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Your Questions About Water Fountains Phoenix

Lisa asks…

Which city in the Phoenix, AZ area has the shooting fountain water show?

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Botox – Wellspring Of Youth Or Poison In Your Face?

Enter the arena of shangri la by installing interesting and glorious outside water fountains in your garden, yard and out of doors living space. The out of doors water features really capture the great thing about creative structures and they convert your dreary and dull space into an energetic and beguiling location. You'll see the outside options are extremely sturdy as they pass the test of time by countering the coarse and hard climate conditions all round the year. When you add a solar water fountain, you've got some relaxing sound care to boot! That is not right when you have a solar water fountain though . When referring to finding an ideal option, then you don't actually have to fret because your landscaping designer would certainly tell you about multitudes of options from which you can pick the one which is most suited to your outside.

They're straightforward to move, so when that first hint of cold rears its head, you can move your fountain within. It is correct that they require full-on daylight to work, but you can place the panels in locations that gather daylight even while you have got the fountain right in your house! If you use the solar water fountain within in winter months, you've got to make certain that it continues to be a relaxing environment. The most effective way to do that is to switch off the cellphones and make a guarantee to oneself that you will not get up and check e-mail when you're attempting to relax. It is your time and you merit the tranquility. Tabletop fountains are an assistant to assisting you in achieving your qi alignment. A few individuals accept that having running water will cut the amount of negative ions in your room, garden, household, or place of business or where ever the running water is. A tabletop fountain in your room can help while you are studying, reading a book, or playing computer games. The more calm you are from the resonating sounds from the tabletop-fountain, will essentially keep you more concentrated on what you are working on. Latterly scientists have implied that an easy food supplement, Resveratrol, can reverse the signs of getting older and supply you a more healthy and more active lifestyle. So the concept of a reversing the consequences of ageing and living a fresh life-style again would possibly not be that far off.

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Your Questions About Tabletop Water Fountains

William asks…

Can I keep a snail in a small water fountain?

My puffer recently died and for the last month i’ve kept a snail that used to be in the tank in a small bucked of cycled water which i occassionally fill with water. Instead of getting a small tank for it (and possibly some shrimp), i was thinking about getting one of those small tabletop water fountains to keep it in. I was wondering if this would be enough for the snail to survive?
The fountain would be next to a window in direct sunlight to promote algae and moss growth to feed the snail…

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Your Questions About Water Fountains Outdoor

Helen asks…

Ideas on building an outdoor water fountain/waterfall?

I am looking for any ideas, consultance, and inspiration on how to go about building an outdoor freestanding water fountain. I have been scowering the internet and youtube to no avail, as it seems what I am looking to build is different from everything else I have seen. My mom’s bday is coming up, so I wanted to do something nice and thus far this idea hasn’t left the “cocktail napkin” stage. What I want to do is build a base, similar to the dimensions of a wishing well. Then off the back build up a 3′ sloped riser, to ultimately simulate a waterfall, as well as place a small fountain at the base of the water fall. What materials would be recommended? I thought about framing everything out of 2×2’s, then putting plywood/osb with felt/cement board? as sheathing. Then mortering a brick/limestone/rock/stone on all the exterior and making a ledge atop the “wishing well” maybe out of shale or similar material. What wood would best sheathing to hold up to being outside? Also, if I want both a small fountain in the base and a water to trickle down the waterfall what size pump would be best? Would 140 GPH work? The water works don’t have to be overly elaborate, but visible atleast. Another thing I would really like to do is somehow illuminate it. I thought about using LED rope lighting just below the ledge on the inside but above the basin, but I don’t know if there is a better way of accomplishing this. Either way, my goal for a price range is under $150, and if I find the whole idea is feasible I will try and find some building material and stone for cheaper, so that’s not a huge concern as of yet. If anyone has any ideas, please reply or shoot a helpful link, anything is appreciated. Thanks much.
If I knew how to reply I would, but I don’t so this will have to suffice. What I mean by a “wishing well” is just a 6-sided base, similar to that of a decorative well. Probably stand 3-4 feet high. I think a square base would look a little plain, and building a circular base….well I’m just not that talented.

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